Engineering Services

Pars Hassas acts as a consultant firm in new projects as well as in existing operative process plants. Our services as Electrical and Instrumentation Consultant consist of basic engineering, detail engineering and procurement engineering.

Technical survey for locating control bottlenecks in process plants and furnishing required solutions, optimizing control systems, and upgrading conventional or pneumatic control system of existing process plants to Distributed Control System (D.C.S.) and Fieldbus, are parts of our instrumentation engineering services.

During detail engineering services, all required calculations, data sheets, lists, schedules, layouts, diagrams and installation details for both electrical and instrumentation disciplines will be produced.

During procurement engineering services, general specifications and material requisitions will be prepared.

Preparation of T.B.A. (Technical Bid Analysis) reports and purchase requisitions are also parts of our procurement engineering services.

However procurement services will be furnished based on customer requirements, Pars Hassas general practice for procurement engineering services is based on sending material requisitions (general specifications, data sheets, special notes, vendor drawings and documents requirement, third party inspection requirements and shipment details) to approved vendors.

Upon receiving bidders’ offers, technical queries may be needed to clarify misunderstandings and / or rectify the mistakes, comparing proposals both from quality and price aspects, and preparation and sending purchase requisition to the selected vendor are the next steps.

In addition to above services, Pars Hassas company , by concluding agreements or forming consortium with reputable companies, is capable of providing total detail engineering and procurement engineering services to the clients.